Sensors can improve booking systems

Office space optimization is one of three megatrends for which EnOcean offers sustainable and IoT-based solutions. This includes workplace booking systems, which many companies are already using or considering purchasing. To ensure a first-class user experience and higher business performance, it should be seamlessly integrated into workflows. Building and facility managers should also look for […]

Energy efficiency, wellbeing, and space optimization are global megatrends

The requirements for sustainable energy use are increasing worldwide. The reasons for this include climate change, changes in working and living environments and legal regulations. With our energy self-sufficient range of services, we have anchored sustainability in our DNA. And have thus geared our thoughts and actions towards ensuring a future worth living for generations […]

EnOcean nimmt am Girls´ Day teil und bietet Mädchen einen Tag im nachhaltigen Ingenieurwesen

„Ein Tag im nachhaltigen Ingenieurwesen“. Mit diesem Motto beteiligt sich EnOcean in Oberhaching bei München am diesjährigen Aktionstag ‚Girls´ Day‘, der am 25. April 2024 stattfindet. Ziel des Zukunftstags für Mädchen ist es, diesen einen Einblick in den Alltag technischer Berufe zu geben und für eine Ausbildung, ein Studium oder einen Berufseinstieg zu begeistern. EnOcean […]

The NEC ensures safety of electrical installations

The National Electrical Code (NEC) published by the NFPA 70 is the guiding force for electrical safety in the US. It has been shaping regulations since 1897. The NEC is crucial for electricians in the US, ensuring safe electrical practices across residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. 2023 NEC update challenges battery-powered switches However, the 2023 […]

The EMDC sensor monitors illumination, motion, and space utilization

With the introduction of the new EnOcean EMDC motion and activity sensor family, users can now monitor room occupancy, light levels, and people’s activities seamlessly through a single self-powered sensor. This breakthrough marks a significant advancement in smart building technology. This latest innovation will make an appearance at the EnOcean booth at Light & Building […]

Retrofits for Energy-Efficient Buildings are easy to achieve with EnOcean technology

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) mandates the modernization of a large number of buildings within a relatively short timeframe. However, implementing traditional structural improvements like insulation or extensive renovations is challenging. In this context, enhancing, or retrofitting building automation systems proves to be the only reasonable option for meeting legal requirements. In […]

PTM 216B is ideal for buildings with high ceilings

Revolutionary Energy Harvesting In a groundbreaking move toward energy-efficient lighting control, EnOcean introduces the second generation of its Bluetooth® switch module. This module, the PTM 216B, is a successor to the pioneering PTM 215B. It gives customers the possibility to address even more applications thanks to the latest generation kinetic harvester ECO 260. The combination […]

Am 1. Januar 2024 trat das neue Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG 2024) in Kraft, das bedeutende Veränderungen und verschärfte Richtlinien für die Gebäudeautomation mit sich bringt. Die EU betrachtet Gebäude als Hauptverursacher von 36% der CO2-Emissionen und setzt klare Ziele: Bis 2030 sollen die Emissionen um 55% im Vergleich zu 1990 reduziert werden. Das GEG 2024 fungiert […]

The rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work. It offers businesses opportunities to become more efficient, productive, and environmentally responsible. Buildings play a significant role in global CO2 emissions. IoT technology is the key to reducing their carbon footprint. One of the most promising features of […]

Heating is more than just a comfort; it’s a necessity, especially when the temperature dips. However, the way we approach heating can have significant implications for our energy consumption and sustainability goals. In most homes, the heating is ideally turned down during the daytime when family members are away, and the windows are only opened […]

Imagine yourself in the following scenario: You’re walking through the empty office building of your company in the evening, everybody has already gone home. However, most of the offices are still lit and you can hear the air con running while in some rooms the heating is turned on. You can even see most of […]