Imagine yourself in the following scenario: You’re walking through the empty office building of your company in the evening, everybody has already gone home. However, most of the offices are still lit and you can hear the air con running while in some rooms the heating is turned on. You can even see most of the PC screens shining through the open doors. What a waste of energy, you might think. And you’re right! And even though neither you nor the company you’re working for are the owner of the building, there are ways to improve energy consumption and optimize its CO2 footprint. Innovative IoT solutions like the one from EnOcean are right at the forefront here.

Don’t waste your money

Let’s even go one step further. Remote work has become majorly popular over the last couple of years. Less employees are coming into the office on a regular basis, but companies are still offering the same amount of space and workstations. Space, that is usually heated, cooled, and lit even though nobody is using it. I think you already know what I’m aiming at: even more unnecessary energy consumption that should be optimized and costs for space that nobody needs.

Have you already thought about desk sharing?

A digital desk sharing solution would not only help you save space, energy, and money but will also make work life of your employees so much easier and more flexible. Let them book workstations and meeting rooms in advance and let them choose their preferred area, maybe they need to use certain tools on that day or they are working in a team on something. Because trying to handle desk sharing with an Excel sheet will only result in frustration. I bet they will be annoyed by this very soon and the Excel sheet will be forgotten, and you are right back where you started.

More comfort at the workplace

Have you also thought about not only optimizing space usage and reducing CO2 emissions, but also increasing well-being and comfort in the workplace? Providing the perfect temperature, lighting scenario, and CO levels are crucial factors. And this doesn’t mean that windows are open for fresh air while the heating is running. The good news is that our solution also helps you with this.

By implementing a digital workplace management solution like EnOceanSpaces, you can make a real difference – not only for your employees and your company, but also for the planet. There has never been a better time to embrace innovative solutions and create a more sustainable future. We are super eager to share our knowledge and accompany you on this journey.

About The Author

The urge to craft and be part of a purpose-driven business, that aids in shaping a more sustainable future, is a deeply rooted motivational driver for me. EnOcean represents for me an IoT powerhouse with a wide array of IoT technology solutions, mostly powered by energy harvesting sources, eliminating the need for batteries. The significance and magnitude of the problemes that EnOcean addresses, such as, offices’ carbon emissions, the inefficient use of building spaces and poor indoor climate for employees, are just a few examples of the use cases that EnOcean products improve.