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Five years ago, it was an industry buzzword: the Internet of Things (IoT). Analysts predicted billions of sensors would be connected to the Internet, delivering a tremendous amount of information from everywhere around us.

IoT has already become reality, as foreseen by experts. However, it soon expects a spurt in growth through the rapidly increasing availability of connected applications – targeted towards specific industries and use cases – that can be quickly delivered and implemented.

A key technology to support such spurt is energy harvesting, which enables wireless sensors working independently from a cable or batteries powered by the surrounding environment solely. As the CEO of a company that has created an energy-harvesting platform of energy converters, I’ve seen firsthand how the technology allows self-powered sensor solutions to generate the raw data needed for building and industrial automation systems as well as for the growing IoT market. (…)

Please read here the full article I have written for the Forbes Technology Council.

About The Author

Andreas Schneider is Chief Executive Officer at EnOcean and one of the EnOcean founders. His personal enthusiasm for the EnOcean world is to see the idea of energy harvesting wireless, “his child”, growing globally to a leading technology. Andreas has been appointed to the Forbes Technology Council in 2019.

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