The EMDC sensor monitors illumination, motion, and space utilization

With the introduction of the new EnOcean EMDC motion and activity sensor family, users can now monitor room occupancy, light levels, and people’s activities seamlessly through a single self-powered sensor. This breakthrough marks a significant advancement in smart building technology. This latest innovation will make an appearance at the EnOcean booth at Light & Building 2024 in Frankfurt (hall 9.0, booth D10).

Key Features of the EMDC Motion and Activity Sensor

  • Comprehensive Room Monitoring:

For the first time, the EnOcean EMDC sensor provides consolidated information on room occupancy, light level, and people activity monitoring from one single device. This integration simplifies the deployment of smart building solutions, offering a holistic approach to space management.

  • Intelligent Lighting Control:

The sensor provides occupancy and light level information to enable automated lighting control. When a person enters a room with insufficient ambient light, information from the sensor can trigger automatic light activation. Conversely, the sensor enables to automatically switch off the lights when the room becomes vacant. With this feature, it promotes energy efficiency and enables adherence to building codes such as Title 24 in the US.

  • Efficient Space Utilization:

Beyond lighting control, the occupancy data collected by the sensor also facilitates tracking and optimization of workspaces and meeting rooms. Locating available meeting rooms becomes easy. Scheduling services such as office or restroom cleaning based on real-time utilization rather than static schedules is now possible, too.

  • Activity Sensor Functionality:

The latest update introduces activity sensor functionality, quantifying the amount of detected motion events. This feature offers insights into the level of activity and thereby gives guidance for the utilization of different building areas. Thus it enables a nuanced understanding of space utilization dynamics.

  • Energy-Efficient and Maintenance-Free:

Staying true to the EnOcean ethos, also the latest generation EMDC sensor operates self-supplied through energy harvesting. With no need for batteries and wireless connectivity, it ensures a maintenance-free experience while contributing to sustainability, efficiency and comfort.

Redefining Smart Building Technology

The new EMDC energy-harvesting motion and activity sensor redefines smart building technology. It offers a streamlined solution for monitoring room occupancy, light level, and people activity. The integration with intelligent lighting control and space utilization management solutions positions this product as a game-changer in the quest for sustainable and smart building solutions. As the industry continues to evolve, EnOcean remains at the forefront, delivering innovations that pave the way for a smarter, more comfortable and energy-efficient future.

About The Author

Matthias Kassner is Vice President Product Marketing at EnOcean. He is responsible for defining highly innovative future EnOcean products and product marketing activities for the current portfolio. Before joining EnOcean, Matthias worked 12 years at Texas Instruments (TI) in various positions ranging from Wireless Field Application Engineer to EMEA Product Marketing Manager for TI’s Application Processor portfolio. Matthias holds the degree of Diplom Ingenieur in Electrical Engineering from Technical University Ilmenau.