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Sustainability triangle energy harvesting

If there’s one topic that has been present over the last couple of decades, it’s sustainability. People are trying to act sustainably in the way they live, paying attention to recycling, consuming less plastic, using bikes and public transport instead of cars, and buying local goods. Companies have also acknowledged that this is something they […]

Smart Home Awards 2020

Anfang Mai 2020 wurden die begehrten SmartHome Deutschland Awards in den Kategorien „Bestes Produkt“, „Bestes realisiertes Projekt“, „Bestes SmartHome Start-Up“ und „Bestes klimaschützendes und smartes Berliner Projekt“ von einer Fachjury ermittelt und in einer Internet-Veranstaltung verliehen. Sieben von 12 der Finalisten nutzen die EnOcean-Technologie, so viele wie noch nie zuvor. Damit wurde deutlich, dass EnOcean […]

John Corbett, Sales Director Northern Europe and Middle East at EnOcean, explains with the example of the Wienerberger e4 brick house™ the possibilities of self-powered sensors for an energy-saving, safe and comfortable smart home. Learn about several usage examples in this video.

The Wienerberger e4 brick house™ is a concept of a smart home to address the need for affordable, sustainable housing in the UK. It focuses on the four pillars of Wienerberger’s global e4 concept – energy, economy, environment and emotion. With EnOcean sensors and solutions from IBM and Living Map, the Wienerberger smart home combines innovative […]