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Intelligent buildings form the backbone of smart cities.

In recent years, we have gradually witnessed major changes in our societies worldwide. Determining factors are, for example, digitization, global warming or the changing demography including the aging population in many countries or migration effects. The current pandemic has just accelerated these transitions with a domino effect that forces us to analyze and act quickly. […]

Energiesparen in Wohngebäuden

Energieeinsparungen in Wohngebäuden sind einer der wichtigsten Bausteine auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität. Um den Energieverbrauch von Gebäuden zu reduzieren, sind Sensoren ein wichtiges Mittel zum Zweck. Sie erfassen, analysieren und steuern anhand einer Vielzahl von Messdaten wie zum Bespiel Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit und Helligkeit verschiedenste Prozesse in Gebäuden. Für die kontrollierte Belüftung von luftdichten Niedrigenergiehäusern […]

Sustainability triangle energy harvesting

If there’s one topic that has been present over the last couple of decades, it’s sustainability. People are trying to act sustainably in the way they live, paying attention to recycling, consuming less plastic, using bikes and public transport instead of cars, and buying local goods. Companies have also acknowledged that this is something they […]

EnOcean developed strong partnerships for a greener future

The world is currently full of change and development, both positive and negative. Of course there is COVID-19 which has made a rather dramatic impact that at this time last year not many people would have expected. Also, there continues to be a growing awareness for the need to act more sustainably not only on […]

new work - risk or opportunity

A few weeks ago, I moderated our IoT workshop at the T-Systems Innovation Centre. As a keynote, the consulting company Eurocres gave us insights into the topic of “New Work” and showed analyses stating that we will need 30 to 50 % less office buildings in the future. There are several reasons for this: One major driver certainly is the current […]