Energy efficiency, wellbeing, and space optimization are global megatrends

The requirements for sustainable energy use are increasing worldwide. The reasons for this include climate change, changes in working and living environments and legal regulations. With our energy self-sufficient range of services, we have anchored sustainability in our DNA. And have thus geared our thoughts and actions towards ensuring a future worth living for generations to come. With IoT-based solutions for the three global megatrends: energy management, office space optimization and wellbeing.

Global megatrends: energy management, space optimization and wellbeing

Today, sustainable management is a necessity and a central task for companies and our society. We need to reduce energy consumption and lower CO₂ emissions. With this in mind, EnOcean has developed sustainable IoT-based solutions for the key global megatrends of energy management, space optimization, and wellbeing. These solutions are based on the utilization of alternative and self-sustaining energy sources from the environment. They are important keys to greater efficiency, productivity and environmental friendliness. Our innovative energy harvesting technology has already saved over 1.5 million tons of CO₂ (as of April 2024). And thanks to over 20 million sensors sold, we know that modern energy generation and use constitute a win-win situation for companies and our environment.

Win-win situation in houses, buildings and industrial plants

The need to reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions particularly affects owners and landlords of houses, buildings and industrial facilities. Using alternative energy sources allows creating smarter and more sustainable working and living environments in new and existing buildings. Predictive maintenance as well as condition-based maintenance and retrofitting also help to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. These examples demonstrate this:

  • Energy management: In terms of sustainable energy management, EnOcean ensures multi-layered energy optimization based on current data. Switch manufacturers can thus promote intelligently regulated lighting and heating control in order to save energy in unused rooms, for example.
  • Office space optimization: EnOcean also offers new concepts for optimized space utilization based on new working time models such as desk sharing. This can ensure a flexible, healthy and comfortable working environment for those present. And at the same time optimize energy costs, promote building automation and make the building more effective and efficient.
  • Wellbeing: Automated adjustment of temperature, light or even air conditions significantly improves wellbeing and productivity in working environments.

A future worth living for generations to come

By focusing on sustainable solutions for the global megatrends of energy management, space optimization and wellbeing, EnOcean aims to ensure a future worth living for generations to come. We see alternative energy sources and IoT solutions as the most important keys to reducing energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. With our energy harvesting technology, high-quality sensors, the cloud-based IoT connector, an end-to-end approach and a large partner ecosystem, we geared our business model towards the future.

About The Author

The urge to craft and be part of a purpose-driven business, that aids in shaping a more sustainable future, is a deeply rooted motivational driver for me. EnOcean represents for me an IoT powerhouse with a wide array of IoT technology solutions, mostly powered by energy harvesting sources, eliminating the need for batteries. The significance and magnitude of the problemes that EnOcean addresses, such as, offices’ carbon emissions, the inefficient use of building spaces and poor indoor climate for employees, are just a few examples of the use cases that EnOcean products improve.