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Christian Bach and Alan Tejeda, both Application Engineers at EnOcean GmbH, show in their article how OEMs find the right EnOcean product for different applications. EnOcean is synonymous with energy harvesting wireless technology, offering modules and finished products under the brands Dolphin and Easyfit for batteryless applications in the Internet of Things. They are used […]

Smart buildings are becoming more prevalent with IoT technology complimenting, and in some cases, replacing current building management systems (BMS). The deep networking ability of cloud-based IoT platforms and self-powered, maintenance-free sensors that can flexibly be placed everywhere in a facility, even on furniture, provide real-time insight into a building’s condition and technical health. This […]

Research conducted by Business Insider forecasted that 646 million connected devices (excluding wearables such as fitness trackers) will be installed and used in healthcare facilities by 2020. Not only is this an increase of 580% compared to 2015, healthcare will also make up 25% of the total IoT market! (source: Business Insider and In the UK alone, there are now over […]

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been a popular phrase in business over the last few years, with the number of IoT solution providers growing faster than ever. In his article, Peter Smith, UK Technical Sales Manager at EnOcean, discusses the best way for them to establish in this cross-industry market. First of all: […]

André Diener ist Technischer Leiter des Innovation Centers openBerlin bei Cisco. Mit ihm sprachen wir kürzlich über das openBerlin und darüber, welche Vorteile der Einsatz der batterielosen EnOcean-Technologie für den Arbeitsalltag im Innovation Center bietet. Innovation war schon immer wichtig, aber in den wettbewerbsorientierten und sich stetig verändernden Märkten ist es heute essentiell für den […]

Saara Guastella is Marketing Manager at Casambi Technologies Oy. In her article, she explains why “smart” lighting isn’t just about controlling lighting from your mobile phone. Despite the numerous obvious advantages, smart devices are only one part of the solution. Advantage of new technologies Today’s mobile electronic devices are incredible tools for controlling lighting. Intuitive […]

Joern Ploennigs is Research Scientist & Manager for cognitive IoT for buildings and environment at IBM Research – Ireland. In his article, he explains the transition from intelligent to cognitive buildings. Cognitive buildings are the next generation of sustainable building systems as they automatically integrate, analyse and learn from the vast amount of IoT generated […]

Prof. Dr. Michael Krödel, Professor für Gebäudeautomation & -technik an der Hochschule Rosenheim, zeigt in seinem Gastbeitrag auf, was ein Smart Home pro Quadratmeter durchschnittlich kostet: Was kostet ein Smart Home pro Quadratmeter? Diese Frage wird oft gestellt – immerhin entscheiden die Kosten über das Ja oder Nein zu Gebäudeautomation bzw. einem Smart Home-System. Oft […]