PTM 216B is ideal for buildings with high ceilings

Revolutionary Energy Harvesting

In a groundbreaking move toward energy-efficient lighting control, EnOcean introduces the second generation of its Bluetooth® switch module. This module, the PTM 216B, is a successor to the pioneering PTM 215B. It gives customers the possibility to address even more applications thanks to the latest generation kinetic harvester ECO 260. The combination of the new harvester with the latest generation system design allows for more than double the radio transmission power compared to its predecessor. This significantly increases the usable communication distance. This enhancement enables control of high-bay lighting, expanding the application areas to include warehouses and architectural projects with high ceilings.

The PTM 216B offers great flexibility in terms of installation locations and repositioning capabilities. In modern offices with adaptable layouts and flexible walls, the elimination of wiring streamlines the installation process, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

Swift Integration with NFC Technology

EnOcean devices, including the PTM 216B, can be quickly configured using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC enables devices to establish a connection within close proximity, simplifying the setup process. This technology ensures simplicity, speed, and accuracy:

  • Simple: No qualifications are required for setup.
  • Quick: Optimized installation time.
  • Right First-time: No need to revisit a site to correct any parameters.

Versatile Designs from Partner Network

Thanks to the extensive EnOcean partner and OEM network, the PTM 216B is available in a variety of designs from switch manufacturers worldwide. And these designs seamlessly blend into any environment, making the PTM 216B an ideal choice for lighting control and building automation use cases. Official switch OEM partners proudly feature the “Battery-free by EnOcean” brand to guarantee genuine technology and real maintenance-free operation in the field.

About The Author

Matthias Kassner is Vice President Product Marketing at EnOcean. He is responsible for defining highly innovative future EnOcean products and product marketing activities for the current portfolio. Before joining EnOcean, Matthias worked 12 years at Texas Instruments (TI) in various positions ranging from Wireless Field Application Engineer to EMEA Product Marketing Manager for TI’s Application Processor portfolio. Matthias holds the degree of Diplom Ingenieur in Electrical Engineering from Technical University Ilmenau.