At the first European Congress for Energy Efficiency and Digital Transition in Buildings, Eric Cassar, Architect at Arkehenspaces, explained how space sharing could solve the problems of an increasing demand for space and the cost explosion of housing in cities. The digital transition of buildings based on sensor data, enabling intelligent space usage, for example, plays a key role.

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Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities in Lyon – September 5-6, 2018

This topic will also be discussed at the Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities in Lyon, France (September 5-6, 2018), organized by Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA), EnOcean Alliance and French association for integrators FFD.

The event provides an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss about smart buildings in sustainable cities, including well-known exhibitors and representatives of the smart building and smart city area.

Additionally, visitors can learn more about solutions for smart and cognitive buildings, social housing and homes of the future including maintenance-free applications based on the EnOcean wireless standard. Meet EnOcean, the EnOcean Alliance and a number of its members at this year’s Smart Buildings for Smart Cities Summer Universities in Lyon.

More information about the event and how to participate can be found at

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