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Today, it’s World Environment Day, designated by the United Nations to draw our attention on environmental challenges of our time. This day is certainly not the only but a good one to look at the cost of batteries, from an environmental point of view but also regarding the effort of replacing them. Batteries are part […]

At one of the largest lighting trade shows, everything revolved around LED as the ever-present lighting source. However, an energy-efficient light is no longer the major demand; the market is heading toward human centric lighting. This makes our self-powered switch the perfect fit for personal control whereas maintenance-free sensors deliver the needed data for automation […]

EnOcean will market its complete product portfolio of energy harvesting wireless modules and white label products with EnOcean wireless technology on the sub 1 GHz band and for use in ZigBee and BLE systems on the 2.4 GHz frequency band under the brand name “Dolphin – Self-powered IoT by EnOcean.” Networked devices form the basis […]

Mitte Juni war ich als Teilnehmer zum smarthouse-Talk der elektrobörse smarthouse eingeladen. Der Schwerpunkt „KNX & Co. – Bussysteme für das smarte Gebäude“ hat viele spannende Aspekte in der Runde aufgebracht. Besonders interessant fand ich die Diskussion rund um das Thema Sicherheit im Smart Home. Viele verbinden damit Datensicherheit. Tatsächlich ist Sicherheit im eigenen Zuhause […]