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Update 4. September/September 4: Ein paar neue Bilder vom laufenden Messebetrieb auf der IFA 2015 in Berlin. Der Andrang ist schon ziemlich groß. Nicht nur bei der EnOcean Alliance, sondern auch an den Ständen ihrer Mitglieder alphaEOS (Halle 11.1, Stand 19), NodOn (Halle 11.1, Stand 26) und wibutler (Halle 15.1, Stand 182 bzw. Marshall-Haus/100). Some […]

Battery-less: A better way forward The challenges associated with battery-dependent wireless devices, discussed in “Powering the Internet of Wireless Things – Part 1”, threaten the growth of wireless sensor networks and open the door to EnOcean energy harvesting wireless technology. Designed to harness their power from their surrounding environment, energy harvesting devices are self-powered and […]

Wireless devices – they are all around us. Convenience has played a significant role in the embraced adoption of wireless devices, and the applications of wireless devices continue to broaden in their reach. Conservative projections speculate that the demand for wireless devices won’t slow down anytime soon either; in fact, it’s estimated that with the […]

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology exhibition took place in June. With over 20 EnOcean Alliance members showcasing energy harvesting wireless products, the show was turned EnOcean Alliance green, as the energy harvesting wireless standard continues strong growth in Asia. In a technology workshop, visitors could learn about EnOcean Energy Harvesting Wireless Standard for Lighting and Energy […]

Lightfair (LFI) 2015 in New York City broke trade show records with nearly 30,000 attendees and 599 exhibitors. The EnOcean Alliance was very well represented as well. Over 20 EnOcean members exhibited at LFI and within its own booth, the EnOcean Alliance ecosystem wall showed 40 products for wireless LED lighting and HVAC control from […]